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This song may very well mean different things to different people, but as for me, it tells a story of facing hurt and difficulty; of healing, turning the page, forgiving the wrong that was done in the past and letting go of it.
My name (Marika) originates from the Hebrew word "Vindicated."


A girl came home with ponytails and ribbons in her hair.
Another came with fishing sails, dragging kitchen chairs.
The first began her homework, drawing hearts for every “o,”
The other started feeding every stool out the window.

Distracted from her card games by the noises from upstairs,
As the second girl was stacking up a citadel of chairs.
Finally, two ponytails peered out to see the fall,
Of the butterfly that rather hit the ground that any wall.

Vindicated, She’ll never be underrated,
Never hold her down...

A girl came home with summer tassels holding someone's hand,
Another came with dinghy paddles dragging bags of sand.
The first began to know him for his cunning and his game,
The other broke the closet door she used to hide him in.

Vindicated, She’ll never be underrated,
Never hold her down...

Heading back to my place, it’s a party, it’s alright.
The morning carries both of us out to the waterside.
She’s handing me the paddles on the closet door and becks,
(I'm forgiven / I’ll forgive you) but it won’t untie these weights around (my / your) neck.

Vindicated, (She'll / I’ll) never be underrated,
Never hold (her / me) down...


from the Marika EP, released May 20, 2012
Lyrics custom written for Marika by David “Tokyo” Speirs
Production, Music, arrangements, recording and mixing by Tokyo Speirs at Solar Sound Studios, London ON.
Performance by Marika Gauthier and Tokyo Speirs
Additional mixing and/or editing by Paul Mack
Violin and whistling: Marika Gauthier

Mastering by George Seara



all rights reserved


Marika G. Ottawa, Ontario

Marika is what bright, new solo artists from Montreal should sound like.
With a whole mess of familiarity and just a tinge of strange, her unique sound peaks its flagship debut out from the sordid indie alternative pop fog to remind us that good music still exists. She dives into disparate genres every song and makes no excuse for it.
Climb aboard each layer of this shameless emotion-ocean.
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